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Obituary Submission

We have 2 different types obituaries available to you. A "Standard" obituary or "Enhanced" obituary.

"Standard" obituaries are edited for grammar and runs in a specific order of information submitted. The style is newspaper column style and can include a small square black and white photo for a fee. Simply fill out the form below and click on the send button. These notices are free up to the first 75 words, then the following fees apply:
76 - 125 $20.00
126 - 175 $40.00
176 - 225 $60.00
226 - 275 $80.00
276 - 325 $100.00
326 - 375 $120.00
376 - 425 $140.00
426 - 475 $160.00

Photo Charge $25

"Enhanced" obituaries will publish just as you submitted it, without any changes. These notices are a personalized type of obituary with borders, special fonts available and multiple larger photos. You do not need to complete the form below and can e-mail the wording and or photo to obituary@theunion.com. The fee is determined on the amount of space needed to publish the notice and not by word.

Your request will be processed as quickly as possible (please see deadline below). We will contact you to arrange payment (unless obituary is under 75 words and does not have a photo) or you may call us with questions or payment at 530-273-9561.

Please read these guidelines before you complete and send the form: • Required information for an obituary - Date of birth, date of death, place of death and service time, unless there will not be a service. An obituary will not usually run without this information. • Submission Deadlines - 1 p.m. Monday-Friday. Obituaries will run within the following two days normally. Please indicate if you must have it in on a certain day. • Photos - Color or black and white photos are acceptable. Photos from clippings or screened photos cannot be used. The Union cannot guarantee the quality of reproduction of an old, damaged or faded photo or of a snapshot.

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