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Is renaming Dorsey Interchange after the slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens is a good idea?
Don't Care
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Has your quality of life been negatively affected by medical marijuana grown outdoors?
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Can the Golden State Warriors win the NBA title without Stephen Curry?
 Results | 260 total votes
Which most resembles your thoughts on California's minimum wage increase?
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Should Nevada County create exemptions to its outdoor marijuana cultivation ban for critically ill patients?
 Results | 4154 total votes
Are local law enforcement doing enough to prevent mail theft in Nevada County?
 Results | 811 total votes
Supporters of the State of Jefferson will deliver some 5,500 signatures to the elections office this week As a voter would you support the creation of the proposed 51st state?
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Do you know someone that grows or uses marijuana?
 Results | 1037 total votes
Do you agree with the Board of Supervisors decision to immediately ban marijuana cultivation in Nevada County?
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Has the flu touched your household this season?
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The growing number of traffic cameras (Brunswick at Sutton; Ridge Rd. at Sierra College Dr.; Hwy. 20 at Penn Valley Dr.; etc.) make me:
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With more snow predicted this winter than in recent years, how often will you head up the hill to ski?
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Are there more "trimmigrants' in Nevada County this year?
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