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Do approve of Grass Valley's ban on smoking in the "downtown core?"
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What is your favorite way to enjoy spring/summer in Nevada County?
 Results | 872 total votes
Would you support creating a State of Jefferson, a 51st state comprised by Northern California and southern Oregon?
 Results | 2510 total votes
What will the mandated 25% cut in statewide water usage mean to you?
 Results | 988 total votes
How many trips up the hill have you made to ski/snowboard so far this season?
 Results | 1478 total votes
Should Nevada City's City Council approve a proposal for permanent seating in Robinson Plaza?
 Results | 471 total votes
What's your choice for top news story of 2014?
 Results | 1134 total votes
What's the best day to put up the Christmas tree, lights and decorations?
 Results | 1141 total votes
Should Nevada City allow business owners to provide more lighting on a year-round basis in downtown?
 Results | 1336 total votes
What is your prediction for local voter turnout in Tuesday's election?
 Results | 423 total votes
Do you agree with decision to move forward with election ballots, with judge saying county "missed the mark" on neutral language for Measure S?
 Results | 1300 total votes
What do you think about the MRAP military vehicle acquired by Nevada County Sheriff's Department?
 Results | 2157 total votes
Should local law enforcement officers be required to use body-worn cameras on duty to record interactions with the public?
 Results | 1170 total votes

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