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What message would you like to send to Hollywood?
More quality biopics, please
Violent movies don't kill people, people kill people
Enough with the zombies, already
Whatever happened to Astaire and Rogers?
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What steps should the Nevada County ad hoc marijuana committee take?
 Results | 850 total votes
Has your quality of life been negatively affected by medical marijuana grown outdoors?
 Results | 5097 total votes
Can the Golden State Warriors win the NBA title without Stephen Curry?
 Results | 273 total votes
Which most resembles your thoughts on California's minimum wage increase?
 Results | 1531 total votes
Should Nevada County create exemptions to its outdoor marijuana cultivation ban for critically ill patients?
 Results | 4197 total votes
Are local law enforcement doing enough to prevent mail theft in Nevada County?
 Results | 811 total votes
Supporters of the State of Jefferson will deliver some 5,500 signatures to the elections office this week As a voter would you support the creation of the proposed 51st state?
 Results | 2416 total votes
Do you know someone that grows or uses marijuana?
 Results | 1042 total votes
Do you agree with the Board of Supervisors decision to immediately ban marijuana cultivation in Nevada County?
 Results | 1825 total votes
Has the flu touched your household this season?
 Results | 500 total votes
The growing number of traffic cameras (Brunswick at Sutton; Ridge Rd. at Sierra College Dr.; Hwy. 20 at Penn Valley Dr.; etc.) make me:
 Results | 474 total votes
With more snow predicted this winter than in recent years, how often will you head up the hill to ski?
 Results | 501 total votes

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