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What message would you like to send to Hollywood?
More quality biopics, please
Violent movies don't kill people, people kill people
Enough with the zombies, already
Whatever happened to Astaire and Rogers?
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How many trips up the hill have you made to ski/snowboard so far this season?
 Results | 1244 total votes
Should Nevada City's City Council approve a proposal for permanent seating in Robinson Plaza?
 Results | 435 total votes
What's your choice for top news story of 2014?
 Results | 1115 total votes
What's the best day to put up the Christmas tree, lights and decorations?
 Results | 1138 total votes
Should Nevada City allow business owners to provide more lighting on a year-round basis in downtown?
 Results | 1332 total votes
What is your prediction for local voter turnout in Tuesday's election?
 Results | 423 total votes
Do you agree with decision to move forward with election ballots, with judge saying county "missed the mark" on neutral language for Measure S?
 Results | 1300 total votes
What do you think about the MRAP military vehicle acquired by Nevada County Sheriff's Department?
 Results | 2151 total votes
Should local law enforcement officers be required to use body-worn cameras on duty to record interactions with the public?
 Results | 1166 total votes
Do you approve of Nevada County's proposed outdoor events ordinance?
 Results | 2761 total votes
How do you feel about the aftermath of the health care overhaul?
 Results | 3743 total votes
What should the U.S. do about the instability in Iraq?
 Results | 1567 total votes

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